Frequently Asked Questions

The Universal padded mount is designed to safely and securely work with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S, and many more models. Check out our compatibility profile to ensure your phone’s compatibility. The Selfie Stick’s standard 1/4" thread works with most small digital cameras. If you have a GoPro mount it will screw onto the Selfie Stick just like the phone holder.

Our Wired and Bluetooth models are compatible with IOS 4.0 & up and Android OS 3.0 & up.
For Android users with a wired selfie stick, if you are experiencing difficulties taking photos or the zoom/volume function is adjusting when pressing the capture button:
  • Open your phone’s Camera App
  • Click the gear icon once which should pull down an additional list of icons
  • Click the gear icon on this list and a new window will open with a camera, video camera, and another gear icon
  • Click the gear icon on this list and a new window will open with a camera, video camera, and another gear icon
  • Click the last gear icon and change the 'Volume key' to 'The camera key'
For all Android users who are still experiencing issues or have a phone with an older software version, please download the free compatible Camera 360 Ultimate App on the Android Market if the device isn’t capturing photos or videos

For questions or comments regarding this or other ReTrak products, please call our toll-free number: 1-877-499-6072 x 2. Visit our website at or email us at If problems persist, please do not attempt to repair unit; see warranty for factory service.

Although the Selfie Stick is a light 5.2 oz (150 g), they are designed to hold smartphones and small digital cameras which weigh less than 1 pound (500 g). Most smartphones are less than 6 oz so you should not experience any problems. However, using the selfie stick for devices above the weight capacity or for uses other than its original intentions can result in voiding your warranty.

The Selfie Stick extends to a full 3.2’ (1 m), giving you more than an extra arm’s length to get everyone in your photos and/or videos.

When the Selfie Stick is retracted, it is a convenient 11 inches long (30 cm) fitting in most bags. For an even smaller profile, you can detach the universal padded phone mount by simply unscrewing it from the mount head for less than 9 inches (23 cm) retracted. If you are not carrying a bag, Self-timed and Wired Selfie Sticks have attached wrist straps on the handle.

The grooved soft silicon rubber handle enables a secure grip while the non-corrosive stainless steel monopod provides extra security while partially or fully extended.

The Bluetooth version has a blue LED indicator light on the bottom of the handle next to the on/off switch that illuminates when it is powered on. It takes 3 – 4 hours to fully charge and can be used for approximately 5 hours once turned on. When the battery is low, the LED indicator light will be red. When the battery is drained the light will not illuminate even when the stick is switched on. To charge the stick, use the included micro USB charge cable to connect the micro USB plug into the bottom of the handle to a USB charging adapter or computer’s USB port.

Once the Selfie Stick is paired to one device it must be unpaired and powered off and on before it can be recognized by any others. In your Bluetooth settings select the Selfie Stick, unpair/forget from the current device, power the selfie stick off and back on, and it will now connect to other devices.

They are used to mount GoPro Hero Cameras. Screw the 3 pronged mount onto the selfie stick, insert the two pronged GoPro case piece between the three sections, insert the screw though all 5 holes and tighten to secure the GoPro.

3-4 hours, please charge while the selfie stick is in the “off” position.

A blue light will flash when you turn the selfie stick to the “on” position.

Over 100 hours of stand-by time or 5 hours of use time.

A red light will flash on the bottom of the stick and you will have approximately 30 minutes of use left.

iPhone’s should work out of the box if they don’t its user error or a defect, please call, 877-499-6072 x 2 or email,

No, they are not waterproof.

Double check that the rubber button mold is located on the actual button, as sometimes it shifts a little. You should feel an actual click when you try to take a photo.

Click here to download manual for Wired Selfie Stick
Click here to download manual for Bluetooth Selfie Stick